What Has Been and What Is to Come

The last few months have been a bit trying. Music Is A Journey, both this blog and the YouTube channel, has been held back more than anticipated.

I began the year attempting to increase my video output. Last year I had so many ideas I wanted to present in my videos but I ended up spending the first twelve episodes introducing new music. Not a bad thing, just there was much more I wanted to say. So I began 2019 by recording many videos, tackling topics I had scribbled down in early 2018. The problem was the time it took to edit and create the final video. I had been using a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop computer, which I bought before I ever had the idea to make videos. As such, the computer I bought was basically for Microsoft Office apps, surfing the Net, and other basic computer functions. Video making and even photo editing were not recommended (photos looked terrible on that display!).

But early on in the year, my father was hospitalized and I rushed back to Canada to see him. Then it seemed his health was improving, and so I returned to Canada once more in order to have a proper visit with him and my mother at their home. Most unfortunately, a couple of weeks after I left, his condition began to deteriorate once more and ultimately, he passed away.

July was, as always, a very busy month. My second job requires me to judge an English reading contest every July and November, and that keeps me very busy for about 18 days because I still have my regular job and of course my family. I also went away for a week to Ishikawa Prefecture for an episode of the NHK World program, Journeys in Japan.

By August, the heat was rising here in Saitama and my work room does not have an air conditioner. I was trying very hard to finish a video about musician and producer, Chris Gestrin, but the computer kept struggling as the video got longer. At last, it crashed and even after attempting to reset it there was nothing to be done but send it in for a repair estimation. The estimation came out to nearly the same price and I had paid for it. So, instead I bought a used Mac Mini and only just got that all set up and running this past weekend. One of my first projects was to finish off that video about Chris!

I actually have had a few blog topic ideas, but due to the heat and the absence of computer access recently, I have left all my blogs largely inactive except to post about my appearance on that TV program.

But now that I am back in business, I am looking toward the next few videos to make and two of them will be more introductions to new music. I’m very excited about featuring the first two albums in Steve Bonino Project’s Stargazer trilogy. The episode will include the latest releases by Kinetic Element and Marco Ragni, a suitable mix I reckoned because guitarist Peter Matuchniak plays on three of those albums. I’m also excited about featuring new music from The Inner Road, Joost Maglev, Seven Steps to the Green Door, and KariBow, all of whom have been featured in previous episodes. Also, I am anticipating the release of new music from Rosenkreutz, Murky Red, Band of Rain and even Grandval. Other bands I have featured before are working on new music, and I will dedicate an entire episode to Babal once they have wrapped up their Circle of Confusion of Tongues trilogy.

As for the blog, I hope to get around to writing about some of the topics that have passed through my head. Not long ago, I was reading a lot about Styx and there sure are some interesting thoughts there. For now, here are some recent video posts on Music Is A Journey.

The music of Densabi and photographs of Japanese mountains

A notice about the Lenovo crash and a brief introduction to the Sakiyama Tumuli of Gyoda City, Saitama.

A “Side Trips” episode about Virgin Steele

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